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Expert practical advice in Estate Planning

Delberg Estate & Trust Services offers specialised services in the fields of Estate Planning, Trusts, Liquidations and Tax Advisory. We believe that each client’s needs are unique and we therefore strive to create stable solutions that will ensure controlled growth for our clients and their future generations.

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Our Expertise In The Field Of Estates And Trusts

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of all our clients by not only offering superior estate and trust services but also by adding value. This is achieved by always establishing a good rapport with our clients, as well as by being flexible in our approach. We render a professional service in a courteous manner, while always being honest and ethical. We attempt to maintain the closest possible relationship with our clients, enabling us to develop an accurate understanding of their commercial imperatives.

Our Clients Base

Our trust and estate planning client base mainly consist of clients that have been referred to us by professionals in the fields of financial planning, accounting and law. Some of these professionals and firms have been referring clients looking for expert advice on estate and trust services to Gert van den Berg for more than 35 years.