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Expert Practical & Legal Estate Planning Advice

Everybody spends most of their lifetime building up an estate to leave to their heirs – what amazes us is that so many people are not prepared to spend time and some money in order to ensure a tax effective and painless devolution of their estates after their passing!

Estate planning covers a vast variety of disciplines, which straddles about every facet of law, taxation, financial planning and human nature. It speaks for itself that estate planning of more complex estates should be a team effort. No individual possesses the skills to expertly advise on all facets of estate planning. There is simply no place for “sticky fingers” in this environment.

At Delport van den Berg Estate & Trust Services we created a framework where all of these disciplines can be addressed and coordinated to the best advantage of the client, never shying away from the use of expertise outside the company whenever necessary. Over the years we have managed to build up a panel of experts able to fulfil the needs of every client.

We are able to provide expert practical and legal advice on the following:

Efficient estate planning;
Formation of Testamentary and inter vivos trusts, including special trusts, charitable trusts, educational trusts and BEE trusts;
Modernisation of trust deeds;
Changes in legislation;
Relevant court cases;
General advice and legal opinions on Trust Law, Law of Succession, Law of Wills, Maintenance claims against estates, Estate Duty, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax;
Wealth preservation techniques;
Family businesses.
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